Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today is Administrative Assistant's Day. I am creating a gift basket for a client's AA, and it includes aromatherapy shower steamers, chocolates, cozy socks, a candle, a purse hanger and a notebook. Who wouldn't like to receive such a gift! Gift baskets are, in my opinion, so much more fun to receive than flowers or a plant! The shower steamers are wonderful! You just place them in the shower away from direct water spray and the steam generates a wonderful aroma that soothes and relaxes. No explanation needed for candles, socks or chocolates, except that the chocolates I offer in my gift shop are superior in quality to the supermarket choices. The notebook is from Marie Osmond's collection and the purse hanger is a unique lady's accessory that has become very popular. With a purse hanger, there is always something to hang your purse on so you don't have to place it on the floor! It attaches to a table and the weight of the purse keeps it firmly in place. When I am at business meetings or luncheons, I always use my purse hanger and I always get comments on it..It gets noticed and people will visit my gift shop afterwards to pick one up!

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