Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I just finished uploading some new Webkinz onto my website, Ginger cat, beaver, weimaraner, tree kangaroo, daisy turtle, clover puppy, and marshmallow bunny.

Webkinz are fun plush toys that have a secret code that you enter on Once you enter the code and name your pet, you have access to Webkinz World where you play games and quizzes to earn Kinzcash to purchase items from the Wshop for your pet. I have 15 pets on my webkinz account, and I do play in Webkinz World so I can communicate with my young Webkinz fans.

Soon to arrive at my gift shop, Franni's Gift Expressions, are newly created endangered species Signature pets in a smaller size. The original Signature pets are much larger and realistic looking than the regular Webkinz pets and have a much larger price tag. These newer, smaller signature pets are still more plush and realistic, but in a smaller size and price. This is great for our customers struggling with the present economy. Signature pets come with special items when registered online at All items that come with pets are virtual.

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